Friday, July 10, 2009

I am in the newspaper!!!

Oh oh... btw, I am in the newspaper!!!

Well they got my affiliation with UNR not UCD....but nonetheless it was a good article...I am glad that we can get our research out to the public, so people know what is going on in the science world.

I have been working the project for about three years and it is really interesting to know that alot of people that live in Tahoe don't know that these species are thriving in the lake, so I think is great to get the word out!

Tofu Udon

I haven't been writing about food lately.... or lets just say I haven't been writing about anything at all.......Work has just consumed me for the past two months....12-14 hours day here and there....working at work and then working at home again.....

As a result of busy schedules, BTE and I haven't been eating all that great. I actually lived off 7-11 for three days last week! (I know, I know.... I don't know how I could have done that!).

So today, I decided that I will stay home and work.....and make something good to eat....hence tofu udon....not Udon with tofu, but udon made with tofu....

150g silken tofu

100g bread flour
100g pastry flour

or 200g APF

4g salt


1) Mix all ingredients together and form a dough
2) let the dough rest for an hour
3) Row the dough flat and cut to desire noodles thickness
4) Bring water to boil and drop the fresh tofu udon into boiling water
5) When the noodles float up, they are READY
6) You can enjoy your tasty tofu udon with soup or stir fry

Easy eh?

I took a few pictures but i don't have my uploading cable so will post these pictures in the next few days :)