Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kiss Seafood in the City!!!

There is a funny story behind this.......really!

So we were gonna head to the Bay area for Thanksgiving 2009 and I thought it might be fun to spend a night in the City (San Francisco)....and so we did......deprived of good authentic Japanese food in Tahoe, I decided to take BTE to one for a treat!

After some serious research, i decided to go to Kiss Seafood, a tiny 11 seater located in Japan town. Since BTE had never been to a true Japanese restaurant before, I had to lay down some rules for him so he can fully enjoy the food without offending the mighty chef.......

After a long list of rules......BTE jokingly said: This is serious, isn't it? I feel like this is a test of our relationship. If i don't pass, you will leave me, won't you? I must pass this test......Can you remind me of the rules again???

Are you ready for this? We ordered the Omakase (which means chef specials, the master chef picks out what he thinks are the best of that day and serve in the order he sees fit)

From left to right

Salmon Roe
Radish with scallops
Persimmon and Japanese green salad


I can't remember all the fishes in there but there were giant clams, butterfish, Tuna (red, medium and Toro) and other delicious fish. Everything was so good, each and single fish has its own unique taste and texture (unlike "sushi" you can in the general sushi place)

Chawanmushi-Japanese Egg Custard

Inside of the dish

BTE can't have eggs so he got grill Marckeral instead (equally delicious)

In the middle of service, BTE spilled some soy sauce on the linens and he was worried that he won't pass his "test", so he attempted to cover them

Stains exposed!!!

Uni sweet and creamy!!! I loved it, BTE doesn't like it..."a texture thing" he said (separate order)

Braised fish (can't remember what species) in a sweet soy broth

Red miso soup with a variety of mushrooms

* There was also a sushi dish but I was too excited and forgot to take a picture!!!*

The meal was was on the pricy side (~$ 200 including 3 orders of sake for the two of us)...but well worth it I thought....and BTE passed the "test"!!!

We ended up in the Japanese Mall and got some crepes J-style for desserts!

My first Le Creuset!

Smoky house.....why?

We definitely smoked up BTE's house the other day.....why? Cause we were trying to have Korean BBQ in the house without any vent :).

I saw some amazing Angus beef short ribs at the super so I had to get some...and what is better than Korean BBQ to cook those perfectly marbled tender beef.......nothing :)!!!

So I made a spread of banchan and fired up our camping stove and started cooking!!!

I have to say it was mighty tasty....except the fact that everything in the house smells like Korean BBQ for at least two days.....Well worth it I would say!!!