Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Smoky house.....why?

We definitely smoked up BTE's house the other day.....why? Cause we were trying to have Korean BBQ in the house without any vent :).

I saw some amazing Angus beef short ribs at the super so I had to get some...and what is better than Korean BBQ to cook those perfectly marbled tender beef.......nothing :)!!!

So I made a spread of banchan and fired up our camping stove and started cooking!!!

I have to say it was mighty tasty....except the fact that everything in the house smells like Korean BBQ for at least two days.....Well worth it I would say!!!


April said...

WOW! That looks professional!
I thought you went to a Korean BBQ restaurant when i saw the pictures!

I've never seen beef so nicely marbled over here... did you sliced them yourself?

Christine said...

I know....Isn't it beautiful? It is actually short ribs cut cross grained. I am sure you can find that in UK.....short ribs!!!

Perhaps is time to do that again!!!