Friday, May 8, 2009

Middle Eel River trip- Part II

The coastline of the campsite

After we ended the River trip, BTE and I, as well as JB and KG went to the Coast. We stayed at Mackerricher State Park. I have to say i can't believe how much the camp site cost...$20 and the park manager came at like 10 and said "12 is the check out time, if you stay beyond that time you will have to pay for another day".... Can you believe that, also most as strict as a real hotel.

Can you see the sea lions?

Some strange marine plant

JB and KG took off after breakfast and BTE and I head to town (Fort Bragg) to explore the coast and have some lunch. It is actually a cute little town. It was really windy, so although it was quite sunny, it was still pretty cold. We walked around town to look for a good place for lunch and actually settled on a Japanese restaurant called Taka's Japanese Grill(I know hehe... I love Asian food :P). Who would have guess I have to say it was one of the best Japanese food I have had in a while. Although you can get sushi in Tahoe or Reno, but it is really hard to find home style Japanese food. The sushi there was great!!! Most importantly, no sauce!!! and I got Katsu Don(I miss that.... Tokyo Grill in Toronot!!! The best!!! sorry BTE, I know you can't have eggs). It was fantastic!!! Thinking about it makes me want it :). Then we went for ice cream and that was amazing too. I think it is called Cowlick's Handmade Ice Cream. I got coconut flavour and it was so good. There was like huge coconut chunks in the ice cream...........Yummmmmmmmmmm

All so tasty Katsu don......

In the afternoon, BTE took me to the botanical garden. Yup the botanical garden, I felt like a kid again. The flowers were really pretty and it was at a great location. We had a nice wonderful walk around the garden and enjoyed some sheltered sun. We were supposed to stay for another night, but the weather was turning grey on us so we decided it would be better off for us to head home. So we went to the grocery store, grab some snacks for the road and ON THE ROAD AGAIN.....Thanks BTE for doing all the driving :)

I know this post is pretty long, but I just had too much fun!!! I didn't want to go home at all. But i guess good times had to end somehow :( but I sure hope that we can do this again!

My first Kayaking trip- Middle Eel River- Part I

Everyone getting ready to be on the river!

I know I am slacking off again with my blog. Well same excuses...again. I have been busy. A lot happened in the past couple months, not only that field season has started, I also went on my very first kayaking trip with a group of amazing people and of course BTE :). Well my very very good friend CC and PN from Toronto also came to visit, but I will talk about that in my next post....


Four days on the river.............I was actually really nervous before this trip cause I have never done this before. I think I am the only beginner in the group. But everyone was really nice and encouraging, especially BTE was extremely patient with me.

Protection is key!

Before I talk about the actual river trip, I have to talk about the drive down. I thought I was going to faint :) Those forest service road are simply my biggest enemy, I got extremely car sick and thought I wouldn't make it. Ran into some pirates on the way down :) (They are actually our friends)

Thanks to BTE sister, I get to be on an IK (inflatable kayak, that is how everyone else called them). They are really comfortable and I felt really safe in them. To start, BTE tied my IK with his so he can guide me through the river.

C cruising on the river

I flipped!!! I swam my first rapid....and that was really scary........I honestly felt like I have to fight for my life. But the funny thing was, while i was trying to grasp for air and keep my legs up so they won't hit the bottom and get caught, but i was also thinking I can't let go of the paddle. In my mind I was like " I really want to let go of this paddle so I can use both of my hands to hold on to the boat, but I know this paddle is probably pretty expensive" I can't believe I was thinking about that while i was fighting for my life... I guess that just means it was that scary after all :)

J and K having a snack on some warm rocks

After my swam, I all of a sudden felt a lot stronger, so I detached myself from BTE and went on my own :). I actually paddled some little baby rapids by myself :)

Enjoy some videos!

After being on the river for three days, we finally got to the put out at Dos Rios.......

To be continue-