Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some more Wrinkles

Some more Wrinkles video from the Snow Flake Lodge gig....

Wondering how the band got their instruments down the mountain? Here is how.......

This is me trying to video tape the action while trying to ski down....of course I am not as good as those guys :P

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One night opening of DOT

Back in the beginning of March was BTE's bday and I wanted to treat him to a nice dinner. However, with my slim wallet, limited choice of good restaurants at N. lake, and some nice gifts that I got him. I decided that I can only afford a nice dinner for the both of us if i made that lead to the one night opening of DOT!

For those who knows me well should know that I want to run a little eatery one day and I will name it DOT.

Anywaz, so I spent like weeks to plan the dinner, getting all the ingredients that i need, setting a menu, and buying stuff to transfer the "smallest house in the world" to a little nice faux restaurant. Then came the big day and guess what happened? BTE got really sick.....the 24 hours stomach bug that was running wide in the area.......poor him, spent his bday laying in bed all day, could barely we had to reschedule...............

Friday came......I got home early, cleaned the house, moved some furnitures around and started cooking in "the smallest kitchen in the world". The door was supposed to open at 6 but I was delayed so when BTE came home at 6, I had to send him to the neighbours :P

The meun items were as follow:

California Calamari Two Ways

Wild caught shrimp risotto stuffed calamari with cherry tomatoes puree


Crispy tentacles dusted with roasted sea salt and cayenne pepper

Roasted Rack of Lamb

Medley of winter vegetables and balsamic reduction

Sinfully Dark Chocolate Cake

Rich buttermilk black cocoa chocolate cake with raspberry coulis

We had a wonderful time and even BTE said that was his best bday ever!

I have to say, I was even impressed by myself that I was able to pull this together......I think I will make this a tradition and do that again next year.......a chance for me to make a nice meal and celebrate my beloved's biggest day :)

and btw, I love square plates!