Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Leftover paradise: Spinach chicken in a creamy garlic sauce

I am moving next week.... so i have to clear out my fridge..... all leftovers must.... as well as all frozen storage..........

So here is what i have

Chicken thighs, frozen spinach , evaporated milk, frozen mozzarella, yogurt

I know is a weird combination.... but remember this is a mission of reviving leftover.... so i have to just work with what i have......

So this is what i smell....... seasoned chicken swimming in a creamy spinach sauce topped with mozzarella cheese.........put under the broiler until cheese turn golden and gooey.......


2 pieces of chicken thighs (de-boned)
1 pkg of frozen spinach
1 can of evaporated milk
A healthy pile of grated mozzarella
2 tbsp of plain yogurt
2 gloves of garlic, minced
salt and pepper


Season chicken thighs with salt and pepper, let rest for 10 mins

In the mean time, in a sauce pan, heat oil and add minced garlic. Saute until you can smell the aroma of garlic

Pour in the sauce pan evaporated milk and let it simmer. Slow boiling will allow the milk to develop flavour

Pan-sear the chicken with skin side down first until 80% cooked, then cut it into small pieces

Put in the chicken and de-frosted spinach (squeeze dry beforehand) in to the milk mixture

Top the mixture with 2 tbsp of yogurt, put the lid on and let it simmer for 20-25 minutes (the fat in the yogurt will slow separate from the curds and give the sauce a nice finish.... rich with a sweet tang)

Transfer the chicken and spinach concoction into a oven-safe dish. Top the mixture with mozzarella and put the dish under the broiler. Bake until cheese become gooey and golden brown

I had mine with a slice of garlic Naan (store bought)...............garlicky............

Enjoy my silly creation.......

I have to say is mighty yummy!!!

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