Monday, November 3, 2008

Three day climbin trip~~~~

Mono Lake

It might seems like my life right now is all fun and not much work......cause BTE and I went away again this past weekend :)......but I like to think of it as we both worked really hard and we deserve every single bit of it ...................

Last week...... I worked really hard to finish all the fish processing that needed to be done so i could have Friday (Nevada day) we can head out mid day off to the eastern Sierra.

We left at around 1pm and headed for our "hopefully the weather will get nicer" climbing trip. The weather prediction was not looking too great with rain and possible snow falls, but we decided to go for it anywaz and see what life has in store.........we figured we will have fun either way

Headed to Owens River Gorge.........we passed by Topaz Lake, Mono Lake, Crowley Lake and Mammoth Lake.............and a few places that we have been before.......... (I should give credit to AC because she was the one that reminded me I should make an effort of remembering all the places I have been to and so I did)

On the way to the Gorge.... We stop at Owens Valley and soaked into this hot tube that was in the middle of a wide field............just out in the open there.... ready and warm..............and then we just camped around the corner in the GT (or now newly named as the freedom mobile)

Sat morning when we drove out we saw maybe three rainbows..... They were beautiful...............Then we headed to the Middle Gorge and hike down a little bit until we hit the bottom. The view is breathtaking. It is always seeing places like this that reminded how wonderful my life is....and how privileged I should feel.....

Walking down to the middle Gorge

The weather totally worked out for us... It was a bit rainy in the morning of Sat but as we started climbing the sun came out. We did about 4 climbs and the the clouds started to come in and we hiked out............the first day was a perfect warm up day for me since i have only climbed outdoor 2 times before this and have never belayed a lead climber. Btw, BTW is a great teacher :)

We went to the town of Bishop Sat night to restock our supplies....and then drove to our camping spot. It was dark out there so I didn't know where we were. But in the morning when I woke up. This was what i was beautiful

A view out from our door

Then on Sunday.... we went to the upper Gorge to try a few more climbs. We had to hike down this really steep trail to get down to the bottom of the Gorge. See the picture following. Basically, we hiked along that ridge line all the way to the bottom.

A view of the upper Gorge

I had so much fun climbing. I feel like i have definitely improved. I have learned to trust my body, my arms and my legs more. I have learned how to use more of my toe edge. I have also tried moves that i didn't know I had it in me. I made a couple of climbs in one go and I have also learned how to clean a route which was really fun. I was a little scared belaying a lead climber but BTE made it really easy for me and was really good with useful pointers and instructions.......

Here are some examples of my proud climbs......I am looking forward to do this again............Can't wait!!!


meg said...

Very nice!!!

Christine said...

I know... might go again this weekend