Friday, April 3, 2009

Thanks to Asian Clams...I am on the internet

I know I am already on the internet with this blog.....but this is different.......I am on the internet because of a NPR radio show!!! That is what is exciting :)

Plus it is semi-related to my work which makes it even more exciting :)

It is a recipe for cooking Asian clams.......Link

You have to scroll down almost to the bottom to see it....

Look for the title "Asian Clams invade Lake Tahoe" with a large clam picture and there it is....

Corbicula fluminea is the newest non-native species in Lake Tahoe. We are doing a lot of work to try to find out more about them. Here is a recent report about them if anyone is interested...Link

You can also hear all about it on the show :).....the link is with the recipe

Now lets start cooking Asian Clams :)


Susan said...

This is great! People are so efficient at eating things out of existence, it is a great idea to turn us on invasive species. My kids would love collecting the clams, too.

NN said...

Wow u're so cool Dean!! 3 bui clams!!! I'll try that recipe at home for sure :)