Tuesday, July 15, 2008

17 miles~~~ Barker Pass to Tahoe City TRT

Well I have told myself before I move to Tahoe that I need to explore the outdoors as much as possible. So i joined this hiking club from MEETUP, so that I can not only make some new friends but also do some great hikes..........

And I have to say this one was great...........It was probably the best time to hike if you like wild flowers. They were everywhere.........everywhere you look there are some beautiful flowers........I wish i know more about them. I think i am going to try to find a guide book somewhere (the problem is there is not good used book store in North lake). The hike is about 17 miles long. It is a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail. This particular section is pretty mellow, not alot of uphills and are mostly shaded.

A mountain daisy?

I think this is Lupins

I can't remember what these guys are called

I went with two wonderful ladies on this hike, Karinn and Wendy. We had some great conversion and I found out that both ladies are learning ASL. Can you believe that? I have been looking and looking for people to practice ASL with and there they are!!! Wendy is a great signer. She knows so much.
The wonderful Ladies!

We managed to finish the hike pretty quickly. I think we started at about 8 am and finished at about 2 or 3 o'clock! At the end of the hike, I didn't even feel very tired at all. But of course, the next day is always the most painful day...........my butt was really really really sore! I guess I don't use that part of my body very much :P Despite the aftermath, I would still do it again if you ask me :)

Thanks Ladies and looking forward to the next hike with you girls!
17 miles later.................my dirty feet

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sillyah said...

omg those bugs look crazy....=S

how are you hun?! seems like the hike was fun!! the bbq looks yummy too~~~ love how you guys have the sun all to yourself....its been pretty cool here...always raining too...blah~~~
i can't wait to leave....i need my vacation soon!!!!!! =P

miss ya~