Saturday, June 21, 2008

Banchan-Sesame infused soy bean sprout

So I found Yim's Asian Market yesterday in like 40 dollars worth of groceries............

Now I am bored on a time to make something!!!

But I feel lazy so i don't want to make anything too I think i am going to try to make some Banchan (Korean side dishes), which whoever had Korean food before knows that it is the best part of Korean cuisine.........the variety..........the choices................

Here is one of them:
Sesame oil infused soy bean sprout

Soy bean sprout is slightly different from the typical bean sprouts you see in general supermarket. The one that most people know is grown from green beans or mung beans. The one used in this recipe is grown from yellow soy bean.

I got the recipe from My Korean Kitchen which is an awesome blog for all Korean cooking. Too bad though cause it seems like the blogger had stopped posting new post. I hope she will come back :)

Hmm........What should I make tomorrow?


Christine said...

How come you can't leave a comment but i can?

sillyah said...

i don't know why either....the website didn't like me! =(

hmm yum korean food!! haven't had that for awhile! glad you found your spicy red chili paste and all the other wonderful korean condiments and sauces you need to introduce everyone in tahoe to korean food! =D