Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What do scientists do?


I am not sure if I have mentioned this before.........but I am sort of a budding, wannabe scientist.............I just recently finish my MSc in Ecology, but I would not quite call myself a scientist just yet. I will do that when I actually published something (In the science world, publications are everything. The number of publications is a measure of success)...........So yeah I would say I am a working progress

BUT, I am sure people have wondered what does a scientist do on a day to day basis? What is it like to be in research? Even my closest friends whom have know me for years have that question.

Since I have been spending more time in the lab than at home lately, I have decided to take some pictures and record my daily life as a scientist in the Lab............

I have been taking a break from my own research and has been working in an Evolutionary Biology lab. The main interest of our lab is life history (basically like the life story of an animal) and sexual selection (Yes, that's right!!!)............Lets not go too deep into the theory behind before everyone starts to leave me :P

NOW Let's begin the "LIFE IN SCIENCE" series presented by Scented . Love

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